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So we live in a generation that seems to be all about consumerism and essentially if you don't have a lot of stuff you know stuff like George Carlin said stuff. Anyways our whole value is based off shit we have and shit we can do but never really look inward and look for peace. I always like to challenge people to prove me wrong because the internet loves to prove people wrong but that's the whole point I'm not trying to be right we just need to do something.
"Welcome to Costco, I love you."


We love plants

So we do love plants around here now I'm using a template because I don't know how to code and in the template it said that we love plants and I agree so I'm leaving it because I can.

So beyond that this website is all over the place because that's what I'm about also I do have a store with a bunch of crap i know you want because I want it too.

What we do

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We as beings not just homo sapiens but something we can't seem to put our finger on because it seems that even our own science is pointing to the idea that consciousness is transcendental. Now I doesn't matter to meet what you believe in just that you believe in it because YOU do.


I'm a person that tries to understand people because people is different then persons even though they are comprised of essentially the same thing yet seem to act differently but that doesn't matter because I choose people over money any day but who is going to believe that some guy on the interwebs with big talk doesn't mean much but action does.


We all come from a seed no matter which way you put it it shows itself in our day to day life the growth and the decay of life. It's a process that we have to understand isn't flawed rather our perception is flawed.


See but it can't all be transcendental some of it has to be physical and the habit we form becoming stronger firing the same neurons like a stream growing into a river. So i guess the question here is do you believe in mind over matter?


The whole point of life is to feel alive so do whatever it is that you want to do and do it right by you. "Only because of faith no because of greed." - Surreal


Now money itself isn't bad but man do persons love it and look how far its gotten us, I think it's pretty cool. I believe though we should start looking as one another a piece of the whole. If we can't get a long with one another. What hope is there for any type of peace in space. "Focus on SPACE! The Unite States of SPACE!" - Chappelle. So yeah I'm selling stuff because just like everyone else I need money.

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